Editing, Photoshop and Additional Services

Not every home is set how you like…that’s where editing comes in

Don’t forget the final touches…

Edit Virtual Staging

Edit Virtual Staging

Edit Item Removal

Edit Item Removal


Edit Renovation



Editing Service Examples

Virtual Staging Example

A furnished room shows better than an empty one. Add furniture, rugs, photos and decorative items to enhance empty rooms.

Item Removal Example

The description should read: Sometimes, there are just too many things to move and nowhere to put everything. Ask them to be virtually remove from the photo.

Renovation Example

Want to get rid of clutter and replace it virtually with furniture – or make a yard full of dead patches look green? Reconstruction can “rebuild” an area to make it look tiptop for potential buyers.

Twilight Example

Make your front exterior photo have a different feel with a twilight effect that will make the photo look as if it was taken as the sun was setting…

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